We are incredibly thankful for our clients.

I have used Sarkis over the past year and have been very happy with their service, quality of work.  They have provided me with vinyl lettering for my vehicles.  Brand new building signs for when our company was acquired.  He created and revamped the whole building with our new identity: laminated signs, parking signs, vinyl for glass and also door name signs and Signacade artwork.  Paul is great in incorporating logos into designs he creates.  He has an industrial design background, so is very aware of spatial proportion of artwork to lettering, and provided me suggestions on borders, background colors to based on usage and visibility.  My sister is a graphics designer, so I appreciate what he brings to any project he touches.  They are responsive in providing quotes, and working with you to get what you need.  Installation was also done very carefully to ensure the aesthetics were correct.

Emiko Nakagawa, Branch Manager

(5-Star Yelp Review)

Sarkis, is a great company. I walked in unannounced and was looking for a small project done. In an effort to to commit to my small project I told the sales rep that I had a big project coming. Frankly my project seemed so far fetched that if I were them I probably would have told me to jump off a bridge. Haha. Anyway six months later I called them too give me a quote on the big project. I had received a previous quote from a competitor that I used too work with when my office was in San Carlos. With the move I wanted to use someone local.  
Sarkis offered a better price and the service was amazing. There were about 20-25 different signs or banners that I needed done. One of which was 80ft x 6ft.  All the way till the end they came through.  Even on occasion came on the weekends and the night before or final deadline. I wish all vendors were are responsive and friendly a Sarkis. BTW, their reference list is very extensive.

Michael Andreacchi, CEO

(5-Star Yelp Review)